Merging Nadac

Engineers record in high resolution formats because they want the ultimate in fidelity and consequently they place very high demands on the recording systems they use. When they play back their recordings, they want the result to be as close as possible to what they heard live from their monitors and in the studio. This has driven Merging Technologies to continuously improve the quality of our A/D and D/A converters. With tens of thousands of hours use with top professionals in the field and many thousands of man-hours of development in the lab, our current generation of high-resolution converters is drawing praise from even the most demanding recording engineers. Praise from such people is praise indeed, as their reference is the live performance, which they have access to on an almost daily basis.

The idea behind MERGING+NADAC is to allow listeners to finally enjoy Master quality recordings at home, with the exact same equipment with which it has been recorded, mastered and validated. Download and streaming technology today allows delivery of master quality content to your home. This ensures you can actually benefit from the exact same experience as the professionals who created those superb recordings, when they signed them off at the last stage of studio mastering and monitoring

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