DST 201U
October 29, 2017
Voxativ Zeth
January 4, 2018

Analog Domain M75D Mk2 Integrated Amplifier

The M75 range of dual channel amplifiers from Analog domain represents the current state of the art in linear amplification technology. It is the result of 15+ years experience in high-performance amplifier circuit design, created to deliver exceptional performance at an attractive price point.

The M75 features our recently disclosed proprietary Excalibur circuit. Near-zero distortion, a noise floor well below the human perceptual threshold and the generous power output capability of the Excalibur give the Isis its ability to amplify signals with extreme resolution and control, raising the enjoyment of music to an unprecedented level.

The M75 is available in three configurations: two integrated amplifiers and a matching 2-channel power amplifier, for installations requiring more power in stereo, or for building multi-way systems with frequency splitting, or multi-channel systems:

M75D Mk2
– Stereo integrated amplifier, stepped analogue volume attenuator, remote control

M75A – Stereo integrated amplifier, linear analogue volume attenuator, manual control

M75P – Stereo power amplifier





Parameter Condition Isis M75D Isis M75A Isis M75P
Power output 8 ohm, sine wave, rms 250W
4 ohm, sine wave, rms 400W
8 ohm, bridged, music material 500W
4 ohm, bridged, music material 1000W
Damping factor 1kHz, 4ohm load, single-ended >1000
1kHz, 4ohm, bridged mode >500
THD+N 20kHz BW, 8ohm, nom. power <0,002% <0,002% <0,001%
THD+N 20kHz BW, 4ohm, 1W output <-93dBr <-93dBr <-95dBr
Power bandwidth 2 ohm, THD<0.1% 5Hz-50kHz
Peak current 50A
Noise output 20kHz BW, rms <35uV <35uV <25uV
Dimensions, mm Including feet and rear handles 440W x 454D x 123H
With packaging 560W x 560D x 200H
Net weight ~25kg